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Maroon Ourea

Digital Probe Meat Thermometer Kitchen Wireless Cooking Bbq Food

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Wireless Kitchen Meat Thermometer for Oven Grill BBQ Smoker Rotisserie Thermometer Smart Bluetooth Barbecue Accessories Gifts 


Product description

1.Fast charge and multiple probes:Fast charge for 5 minutes and it can be used for 4 hours.The APP can connect four probes at the same time. 

2.Bluetooth connection distance:The connection distance is limited to 3.3ft when the probe is inside a metal shielded oven,otherwise the connection distance is limited to 32.8ft. 

3.Truly Wire-Free Meat Thermometer:wireless meat thermometer!Just need one food thermometer and your smartphone to monitor the food temperature during your barbecue.Using FREE APP on App Store or Google Play Store to connect the Probe with your smartphone or tablets. 

4.Probe built in 2 temperature sensors:If you use the oven for barbecue,the barbecue thermometer can simultaneously detect the temperature of the food and the internal temperature of the oven.Both temperatures will be displayed on your smart phone.Charging:Keep the probe in the charger before use or the battery is low.The external power supply is connected to the USB.Red Light on indicates charging in progress.Using:Insert the probe into the food to be grilled. 

5.Alarm:(1)Barbecue alarm:When the grill food reaches the preset temperature,the smartphone will alarm you the end of grilling process.At that time,please take out the food and remove the probe from the oven immediately.(2)Bluetooth disconnection alarm:When the Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the probe is interrupted,an alarm message will pop up to remind you to keep the smartphone closer to the probe within 2 minutes so not affect your grilling process. 


Three setting functions on mobile APP

1,RECIPES:with preset temperatures for 9 types of meat(ground beef,ground poultry,beef,veal,choke,pork,poultry,goat,fish)and their various doneness levels recommended by USDA; 

2.TIMER:You can set the barbecue time according to your experience.When the set time is reached,the app will automatically alarm. 

3.TARGET Temperature can also customize the temperature at which the food is cooked,when it reaches this temperature,it will automatically alarm. 


APP Interface

1) Bluetooth connection status, click on the Bluetooth connection. 

2) Four channel numbers, click to view each probe barbecue status. 

3) Click to set the barbecue mode. 

4) Click to view all the barbecue probes. 

5) Time left 6) Food temperature 7) Barbecue mode 

8) Start/Stop,click to start/stop the barbecue process 

9) Oven temperature  

10)Low battery alarm, need to recharge the probe 

11) System setting interface  

12)Click to view a single probe barbecue,Connect and disconnect the Bluetooth 


Connect the Bluetooth: 

1.Download and Open the App Grill Probe. Press the “ON” button at the top of the probe followed by clicking “X”in the top right comer of the screen.  

2.Then, select the probe from the list.Bluetooth connection is connected when the screen shows the WiFi icon and show the channel number. 

Disconnect the Bluetooth 

1.Click the WiFi icon in the top right corner of the screen.Then, Select the connected probe and click"Y"to disconnect Bluetooth connection. 

2.If there is a situation where you cannot link, first check if the power is turned on.If you have already turned on, but still can not link,It is estimated that the Bluetooth signal is blocked.Please follow the video operation. Or close the app and turn off the power and reline once. 



Size: 5.6 inch 

Colour:black + silver 

Material:stainless steel 

Measuring Range:0 centigrade to 275 centigrade ( 32 to 527 Fahrenheit) 

Food temperature measurement range:32F-185F 

Note:The insertion depth must beyond the safe insertion line 


Package Contents

1 * thermometer 

1 * charger 

1 * USB data line 

1 * Instruction 

1 * box 


Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3 cmK